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    Desolar ideas and spirit of service

    A great concept: quality first, customer first, service first
    Quality First”----- Quality is the basis for the survival Desolar, Desolar decided the fate of the quality, the quality will have a Desolar

    “Customer First”----- From the customer point of view, based on customer needs, providing the most suitable products and services.

    “Service first”------ Provide the most correct, most appropriate service, not just a manifestation of the quality of service, but also a way of thinking, a pattern of behavior, a subconscious act.

    Two Spirits: Company spirit of unity and cooperation And all-out spirit of professionalism and commitment

    Employees have common goals, common dreams, not only colleagues, but also a comrade in arms. Treatment of colleagues, promote flexible communication, empathy, and stress the same with the willing suffering and woe; unite their careers, together brilliant. Towards work, determination, confidence, perseverance, time full of enthusiasm, always go all out

    Enterprise spirit: hard work, winning by quality, to this letter

    “Hard work” to us, “Desolar” to achieve from scratch, from small to large; “quality”to “Desolar” market growing in volume; “To the letter” so that “Desolar” in the community has a good reputation and identity

    Entrepreneurial spirit of the three words always carry out the whole process of enterprise development. In the new historical period, we not only can not forget this "heirloom" and take him to flourish

    "Hard work": any time we maintain the entrepreneurial passion, so as to always maintain the Ming Shing Foundation, to make Desolar from good to great. Requires that we must dedicate themselves to do everything, hard work, brave, heavy responsibilities; ask us to plan carefully, eliminate waste, thrifty and set up factories; ask us to dare to innovate, dare to compete, to work creatively;

    "Quality": requires us to pay more attention to improve their management skills and job skills, improve their level of knowledge, to better provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service, more in-depth, detailed and timely to do every day every task;
    "To the letter": Ming-Cheng Ye good faith, honesty is the consistent behavior of our past, our future standard of behavior. Honesty with our customers, suppliers, peers and the financial sector, government departments have established the basis for good relations, but also the relationship we have established guidelines for the internal organization.

    Business philosophy: to mature technology and reliable quality service users and contribute to society, develop their own

    "Mature technology" requires us to strive to improve the level of equipment, and constantly improve and perfect the production process, with advanced equipment and mature technology to meet the requirements of high-quality products; requires us to delve into all the business, and study technology, familiar with production processes,master the skills of advanced equipment; requires each process will not only operate, but also to understand why this operation.

    "Reliable quality of products" requires us to every process in accordance with the provisions of the production process responsible, meticulous, careful operation, to maintain product quality and stability; requires us to strictly control the production process of quality control, design and production of defect-free productsthe maximum to meet the needs of users; requires us to provide users with products not only allows the user ease, but also to their confidence; requires us to establish the next process is the concept of my users, listened carefully to the views of the next process and meet the followingprocedure demands that we pursue the same objectives.

    "Service users and contribute to society, develop their own", that is, for the sake of users asked us, create value for customers, understand that only the interests of users, community benefits, will have our own interests, to develop themselves.


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