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    Thanksgiving, respect, dedication, learning,

    innovation, cooperation, win-win situation

    Corporate philosophy: gratitude, respect, dedication, learning, innovation, cooperation, win-win
    Thanksgiving: Desolar people to have the best attitude, to give our sincere thanks Ming employment and development opportunities, a good work ethic. Even long-established Rengeyouzhi leave, give you also like to thank Ming-Cheng training and development opportunities, and never been able damage to nurture your Desolar Group.

    Dedicated: to require every employee on a job should have a good work ethic, dedication, dry out the results.

    Respect: Honesty, whether in the Ming on the lower levels, between colleagues, should be on an equal basis in the personality of mutual respect, solidarity formed a good range of spare time in a tense, Desolar is our common spiritual haven.

    Study: Only the love of learning to learn the person would amount to anything; today's final competition between enterprises is the ability to learn to fight, more than anyone else to learn faster, learn better; learning is by no means an entertainment, is the one to pay the heavy mental, Only the heavy, boring things learned, they will be afraid of heavy boring than studying the competitiveness of enterprises.

    Innovation: Innovation can only learn; innovative product development and innovation not only through the use of mind, responsible work, using better methods, greater efficiency, less cost, better quality of the work done more Well, this is innovation.
    Win-win cooperation: companies are customers, suppliers, employees, society and community of interests between shareholders, the interests of the parties to work together to win. The spirit of win-win cooperation between colleagues should also be present in, through unselfish cooperation to improve the quality of work, resulting in better efficiency, to achieve win-win situation.


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